Mondays 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Clift Meadow Pavilion 

Minchens Lane, Bramley, RG26 5BH

Classes run every week and are £8.50 for an individual class or £45 for a card of six (which can be used over a 3 month period)

Classes are open to all levels and abilities with the aim to be accessible and challenging at the same time. 

Build strength, increase flexibility, calm the mind and stretch with me each week - I would love to see you there





If you are looking to deepen your practice or tailor your yoga to your particular interests, requirements or aspirations, a one-to-one class could be right for you. The first meeting will involve a brief consultation to help better understand what you are looking to gain from your practice, and after each session you will be given an individual practice, tailored to your needs, to take home.

I also offer restorative yoga on a 1-2-1 basis if you are looking are looking for some time to rest, find space and relax.


1-2-1 sessions are £45 per an hour, please email me to book

**If for some reason you do need to cancel your 1-2-1 please ensure this is done at least 24hrs beforehand or the full amount will need to be charged**




Yin yoga forces us to slow down and take time with ourselves and our bodies. In yin we are balancing the yang of life, as we are more passive in postures, and stay in them for longer periods of time supported by props when needed. Yin helps us target the connective tissues including fascia, bones, and joints which helps support our range of motion.

Cultivating stillness and balance helps reduce stress, relieve tension, improve the flow of breath through the body and aid sleep. It encourages mindfulness and meditation, teaching us compassion and even encouraging us to become more resilient to stress

Please bring to the session 2 pillows and a blanket along with your mat

Accessible to all levels including beginners

What to wear

Something comfortable that you can move freely in. No shoes required

What to bring

Please bring your own mat (message me to borrow one) and some water to drink

What to do

Bring yourself and an empty(ish) tummy, heavy meals before yoga are not recommended

How to pay

Cash, card and apple pay (2% surcharge), Paypal (link on booking page) or BACs (message me for details)

How does the class pass work

This is for regular users. You don't have to use all six classes in a row as this is valid for 3 months, however please do use within the 3 month period. Book your classes online and select 'pay offline' to reserve your space, I will then stamp a physical card when you arrive in class

What if you're not bendy

Perfect - welcome to the class

What if you are a beginner

Public classes are mixed and beginners are welcome, each posture gets explained fully as we go. Everyone feels nervous trying something new. We are a friendly group that have fun whilst we practice and you will be welcomed.




Feel free to contact me here for more information, or with any questions.

For weekly updates, including any room changes, follow my facebook page @naturalnookyoga

Please use the booking form to book your class